Cucumber diet

In a hot summer season, a large number of fresh vegetables ripen in the beds, a worthy place among which is occupied by cucumbers. These small green fruits with small pimples represent a real storehouse of substances beneficial for the health of the body - vitamins C and B, copper, zinc, potassium, calcium, manganese, phosphorus. Especially much in cucumbers contains vegetable fiber and water (up to 90% of the volume), which causes their low caloric value - no more than 15 kcal per 100 g of product. Also in cucumbers contains a large amount of tartronic acid, a high concentration of which in the body significantly reduces the likelihood of converting eaten carbohydrates into fats. Based on this dieticians have developed a fundamentally new type of diet - cucumber, which consists in eating a certain amount of cucumber for a certain period of time.

The mechanism of action of a cucumber diet is quite simple - cellulose helps to improve the functioning of the intestine, and with water from the body all unnecessary wastes and toxins are washed away. As a result, the water-salt balance of the organism is restored and the metabolism is normalized. The main advantages of this type of diet - a short duration and ease of compliance. At the same time it is quite effective - in just 7 days of such a diet you can lose at least 5 kg of excess weight.

In total, several types of cucumber diet have been developed depending on the duration and the scheme of application. The general rules for all types are:

1. Obligatory supportive intake of vitamins due to the monotony of the diet.

2. Primary use of fresh ground cucumbers instead of greenhouse, since the first contains more useful substances.

3. Refuse salt, which keeps water in the body, for the entire diet time and the use of spicy greens, ground pepper or lemon juice instead.

One-day cucumber diet

The simplest kind of cucumber diet is one-day. You need to prepare a salad of cucumbers and take it for food throughout the day. We need 2 kg of cucumbers and a small amount of greenery (parsley, cilantro, basil, dill, celery, etc.) to taste. To fill the salad follows low-fat sour cream, kefir or lemon juice. In total, you need to cook 5-6 servings of lettuce and, accordingly, the meal is broken down by the same number of times. Water can be consumed in small amounts, or not at all, since 2 kg of cucumbers contain the same amount of liquid. This kind of unloading diet on cucumbers is recommended not to be used more than once a week. During it you are guaranteed to remove from 1 to 1.5 kg of your weight.

Three-day cucumber diet

Three-day cucumber diet also contributes to rapid weight loss and is divided into several options that can be alternated.

According to 1 variant, the daily diet consists of 1.5 kg of cucumbers, which need to be divided into 5-6 portions and 2 eggs, hard-boiled. In this breakfast consists only of cucumbers, and for lunch and dinner they are added eggs.

In Option 2, 1 kg of cucumbers and 0.5 kg of tomatoes should be included in the diet. Vegetables can be eaten either separately or mixed in a salad, adding a small amount of vegetable oil. In total, food intake should be broken down 5-6 times during the day. For a dinner menu you can vary 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese.

In version 3, not only cucumbers and greens can be added to the salad, but also other types of vegetables (with the exception of potatoes), for example, carrots or bell peppers. For lunch in the menu it is allowed to include 100 g of boiled chicken breast.

Seven-day cucumber diet

The longest, but at the same time, the most severe and effective type of diet for cucumbers is a seven-day cucumber diet. Its main principle - in a day it is necessary to eat 1 kg of cucumbers in the form of a salad. Cucumbers should be cut into large pieces and add any greens to taste. Dressing salad of 30 g of light mayonnaise, or low-fat sour cream or 10 g of vegetable oil (sunflower or olive). It is best to give preference to sour cream or vegetable oil. Add salt should not be.

Salad is taken for food during the day for 3 hours at the next time: 1) from 12 to 14 hours; 2) from 16 to 17 hours; 3) from 19 to 20 hours. With a salad you can eat a slice of black rye or gray bran bread. Up to 12 hours you can take breakfast in the form of a boiled egg and a small cup of light coffee with a small amount of sugar. Instead of an egg, you can take 200 g of low-fat cooked beef. At the same time, the calorie content of the breakfast should not exceed 200 kcal. In the evening 2 hours before bedtime, with a strong sense of hunger, you can eat an orange, a pear or an apple. The main thing is that the total calorie content of the fruit is not more than 100 kcal.

Disadvantages of a cucumber diet

With all its advantages, a cucumber diet still has a number of drawbacks. First, the cucumber practically does not contain protein, which leads to a significant decrease in muscle mass, which means that this type of diet is not recommended for people who are active in life and, in particular, playing sports. Nevertheless, in this case, the cucumber diet can still be observed, diversifying the daily diet of low-fat poultry meat or several egg whites. Secondly, cucumber diet is strictly not suitable for patients with impaired renal function and heart failure, because it contains a large amount of fluid and can cause swelling. Therefore, before deciding to go on a diet should consult with a specialist.

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