Diet "6 petals"

You want to lose weight quickly, but you do not want to experience exhausting starvation. There is a way out, and it's called the diet "6 petals". Such entertaining name was invented by its founder - the Swedish dietician Anna Juhansson, since this diet, in fact, consists of 6 independent mono-selection of food, each of which lasts no more than a day.

With the purpose of psychological relief as a visual aid, the author of the diet invites everyone who wants to lose weight to turn this process into an easy and exciting game. To do this, cut out a paper or draw on a magnetic board a flower with 6 petals, as a symbol of each day of the diet, after which to tear off or wash one petal to commemorate the victory over its weaknesses.

The effectiveness of the "6 petals" diet is quite high. With all the rules, you can successfully drop up to 0.8 kg of your weight per day.

The basic principles of the "6 petals" diet are as follows:

1. Each of the 6 mono-selection of food is a follow-up to the rules of separate nutrition, because during its use only foods of the same kind are consumed. This completely eliminates the possibility of mixing incompatible elements, which is the main cause of excess weight gain.

2. Monotonous nutrition throughout the day leads to rapid weight loss and is associated with some features of our digestive system. The human liver includes a certain reserve of various nutrients, accumulated by the body in reserve in case of emergency. When only one particular product is consumed during each of the mono-selection of food, for example, fish, chicken, vegetables, etc., then the organism, accustomed to the variety of the food ration, already during lunch starts to take the source of energy from its own fat stores, that is, in fact, there is a direct burning of extra pounds. By the end of the day, as the diet is being maintained, this process is accelerating.

3. Mono-selection of food are selected in such a way that each new day alternate protein and carbohydrate selection of food. In this case, they must be observed in strict sequence, as the menu of each previous day prepares the body for the menu of the subsequent day of the diet. This makes it possible to mislead the body and force it to consume fat from its own reserves, but do not feel energy hunger. According to the founder of the diet, it is compliance with this item already provides most of the success.

4. During the diet, sugar and sugar-containing foods are strictly prohibited. Drink preferably water and black or green tea. Coffee should be excluded.

Here is the menu of the diet "6 petals":

1 day - fish mono-diet (protein diet)

In food, eat any kind of fish in a liver, cooked or stewed. You can make soup or fish broth, but without potatoes and other ingredients, except for greens. Salt and spicy seasonings are allowed.

2 day - vegetable mono-diet (carbohydrate diet)

Eat any vegetables in raw, baked, cooked or stewed, in which you can add a small amount of salt, mild seasonings and herbs. As a drink, you can use vegetable juices without additives.

Day 3 - chicken mono-diet (protein diet)

Eat this day with chicken dishes and, in particular, chicken fillet (breast), previously cleared from the skin, in a baked, boiled or stewed. Add salt, spicy condiments and greens. You can cook a light chicken broth.

Day 4 - cereal mono-diet (carbohydrate diet)

Eat any kinds of cereals, cereals, sprouted wheat, grain loaves, bran, fiber. You can use greens and salt. You can drink a small amount of bread kvass.

5 day - curd mono-diet (protein diet)

Your food on this day - curd fat-free or with a low percentage of fat and low-fat milk.

Day 6 - fruit mono-diet (carbohydrate diet)

Eat any fruit in raw or baked form. It is possible to use spices, for example, vanillin, cinnamon, lemon peel. Drink fresh fruit juices without adding sugar.

At the end of the diet cycle, when all the petals are torn off, you can cut out a new flower and repeat the diet again, including new dishes from the allowed products.

Try a diet of "6 petals". Believe me, you will like it and bring many pleasant minutes, dropped pounds and lightness all over the body!

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