Products that burn fat

Can I lose weight without a hunger strike? Yes, if you regularly buy foods that burn fat. Of course, the result will not come lightning fast, but a slow "build" does not hurt your health.

Our body is in some way a laboratory in which biochemical processes are constantly occurring. They can be controlled by means of accelerating metabolic processes. They reduce appetite, and also help the body get rid of toxins. If the food is quickly absorbed, it does not have time to settle on the waist in the form of a "rescue circle".

Products that burn fat: the main list

Fruit: classic of the genre

Apples. "Heroes" of many mono-selection of food, true foremost in the content of vitamins and pectin (improves peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract, normalizes blood circulation, removes toxins, accelerates the appearance of a sense of satiety). Getting into the stomach, they like a panicle remove stagnant and harmful substances. Add a couple of apples in cutlets, pancakes - and the calorie content of the dish will decrease at once. In addition to the "general cleaning" in the stomach, these fruits reduce the absorption of fats there, and also actively withdraw water through a diuretic action. However, what for to you a mono-diet if it is possible to arrange "apple unloading". Buy about 2 kg of apples, eat them for a day in 6 receptions - and nothing but them. The result: getting rid of 2-4 kg, maintaining the received weight.

Garnet. In composition, it is better than tablets: a lot of amino acids, vitamins, trace elements. It not only helps to lose weight, but also removes cholesterol, cleans vessels, renews cells, improves the smoothness of the skin and even has anti-cancer effect. But what interests you is the fiber, contained in the pulp of pomegranate seeds, which "sweeps" the intestines and helps to lose weight. Nutritionists are sure: if you eat 1.5 fetuses a day, you can say goodbye to 2 kg of hated weight per month.

A pineapple. In its composition an interesting bromelain enzyme is found - it normalizes the stool, "fits" the synthesis of proteins and fats, accelerates the "speed" of digestion, due to which the body breaks down fatty deposits. Also in it is vitamin B1 - the "best friend" of carbohydrate metabolism. Although this fruit is sweet and consumed, it is better to eat before eating - it reduces appetite, so you will eat a smaller portion, and therefore get fewer calories. However, even after a dense dinner, treat yourself to a piece of pineapple is useful - it will help the stomach to cope with the treat, even rather fat.

Kiwi. Vitamins and flavonoids of this green "sour" perfectly burn unnecessary fats.

Citrus fruits: not only for colds

They have a lot of vitamins and moisture, but there are no proteins and fats. Also in exotic fruits, a lot of fiber and fructose, normalizing digestion and "adjusting" the metabolic processes.

Grapefruit. It's not for nothing that the dieticians advise: vitamins (C, B) improve the metabolism in cells, and pectin reduces appetite, as well as the release of insulin.

Grapefruit + mint. On the basis of the juice of this dietary citrus, a cocktail, popular in the circles of slivers, is made. Recipe: in a blender, mix the juice from 1 grapefruit and 2-3 oranges (their number depends on whether you like sour grapefruit juice or you want to sweeten it with orange), as well as a small bunch of mint, a few fleshy lettuce leaves. To cool.

Lemon. You can use it as is, but you can add to different dishes (for example, slices to fish, in the form of juice in salads). Biologically active components accelerate the exchange of proteins and burn "sides."

Mandarin orange. Contained in these citrus "cocktail" of fiber and vitamins so improves the metabolism of the intestines, that no one you eat a piece does not have a chance to become a "fat stock".

Vegetables burning calories

Why should you buy "heavy" vegetables? It's simple: their calorie content is low, in addition, the assimilation of this food the body spends more calories than it receives from it. That is, you eat - and lose weight! Such "hard nuts" for the gastrointestinal tract are: artichokes, cucumbers, cabbage (broccoli, colored, white-head), beets, celery, Bulgarian pepper.

Cabbage. In any vegetable from this "family" a lot of fiber. There is tartronic acid (does not allow fat to settle under the skin), selenium (natural "medic": does not allow cancer cells to multiply, removes cholesterol from the body, protects us from atherosclerosis).

Celery. There are many amino acids, minerals, proteins, ethers, and very few calories. It removes water, which helps to lose weight, and also facilitates swelling. It also improves digestion, heals the intestines from stagnation of slags.

Cucumbers. A mandatory ingredient in a dozen selection of food, these vegetables almost entirely consist of water. Having made a salad, you will get a minimum of calories, clean the stomach, remove swelling, lose weight, remove from the body stagnant, excess fluid.

Beet. Another diuretic vegetable. In addition, it also weakens. In general, with her intestine works like an hour. Betaine, contained in a ruddy vegetable, is important for the normalization of the metabolism of fats, as well as the assimilation of animal proteins.

Olives (in the form of fruits and oils). To make the body work cleansing processes, it must be "charged" with olives - 10 pieces per day is enough. They perfectly replace the oil (1 tablespoon) as a dressing for salads.

Sea kale. "Fuse" fats and speed up the work of the GIT polyunsaturated fatty acids, which is rich in this gift of the sea.

Berries for weight loss: sweet, but necessary

Raspberries. Eat 0.5 glasses of raspberries (if not fresh, you can defrost cooked in a freezer) 30 minutes before lunch. Enzymes from such "dietary supplements" will help to break down fats.

Cranberry. Morse from this berry (without sugar) have a diuretic effect, and in addition, fat is burnt. For 250 g of juice (better than just squeezed) you need 150 g of water. Before consumption, the mors is cooled.

Forest berries (blueberries, blueberries, blackberries), as well as strawberries are rich in flavonoids and antioxidants (important for the functioning of the heart system), vitamins, fiber. In summer, they are very successful substitute for sugar-containing desserts.

Spices that burn fat: season the dishes with the mind

Adding a dish of "light", such seasonings help the body produce more energy. They also reduce insulin, "smelt" excess fat cells.

Ginger is an effective product that burns fat. Ground, dried ginger serves as a seasoning for meat and vegetables. Also, fat-burning drinks are made from it. Fresh root can be consumed in its pure form (adding to salads), marinate (it goes well to sushi and fish). Essential oils of ginger quickly transform the body's poured fat into energy, so it's better to eat spices in the morning. But remember: it's diuretic. Also, it normalizes digestion, removes slag from the intestine.

The most popular recipe for burning fat is ginger tea. 1 pour a small spoonful of grated root with a cup of boiling water, and when the drink is infused, strain - and you can drink (if desired - with a lemon).

Curcuma (Indian). Not only helps our body absorb fat, but also protects the liver. And the antioxidants contained in the yellow powder will prolong our youth.

Mustard. Accelerates digestion, so it's not for nothing that our ancestors came up with a meat dish. Mustard will help you burn the calories received at dinner even without sports.

Caraway. Reduces appetite, is suitable for diabetics (reduces the amount of sugar in the blood). Think about this seasoning during stress, when you try to seize your "nerves" - cumin calms down, and also reduces appetite.

Pepper (fragrant, black). Contained in the most popular spices piperine helps the body to control the amount of cholesterol, and also does not allow the "subsidence" of fat.

Coriander. Diuretic, appetite-reducing agent. Nutritionists assure: this spice cleans the intestines, relieving it of toxins.

Cinnamon is a product that burns fat and speeds up the metabolism. A faithful "friend" of diabetics, normalizes "bad" sugar, because of which many diabetics (and not only them) have a problem with excess weight. In some recipes, it replaces sugar.

Cardamom. Perfectly complements the protein diet, deriving products processed protein foods. Also, the spice positively affects the exchange of adipose tissue.

Garlic. It not only protects against ARI, but also helps the body to break down carbohydrates, not allowing to "build up" fat in place of the newly burned.

Horseradish. In this acute vegetable there are many microelements, dietary fiber and even vitamins. He, too, will not allow your body to grow excess centimeters.

Beverages that burn fat

During the burning of fat stores, many toxins are released. They need to be deduced, otherwise all this "enemy army" will poison the body.

Water. Launches many metabolic processes, cleans, normalizes the work of each organ. If you want to lose weight, throw ice cubes into the glass - cold is your ally!

Coffee. Important specification: it should be natural! One cup of the drink speeds up the metabolism of the body by 5%!

Red wine. Cleaves fats through resveratrol, flavonoids and kercetin.

Kefir. To the intestines do not "stumble" on heavy food, it must be "fed" with useful microorganisms, which is rich in this available drink. They can replace snacks. Also yogurt weakens, helping the body to get rid of the exchange products faster.

Green tea. Dietitians from Asia are sure: this drink will help you lose weight if you drink from 4 cups a day (one that will force your body to spend about 60-70 calories). This is a very useful product that protects our body from cancer, which has a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels. But remember: it excites (like coffee), so do not drink it for the night, and in hypertension do not too "indulge".

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