Stages of cellulite

the stage of cellulite

The problem of cellulite is familiar to most women. Unseemly bumps on the skin, which we call "orange peel" in the common people, may appear in the most attractive parts of the female body - on the thighs of the buttocks, abdomen, legs and even sometimes on the hands.

So what is cellulite? Physicians define cellulite as a deformation of adipose tissue in the skin, which manifests itself in the form of tubercles.

Cellulite is not just a cosmetic defect. This is a disease that must be dealt with, otherwise cellulite will develop into an incurable stage and cause you a lot of problems.

How do the tubercles appear? The structure of the subcutaneous tissue in women in the legs, hips and buttocks has a similarity to bee honeycombs. If there is a metabolic disorder in the body, cells gradually fill with fat, saturated toxins. Toxins stretch the cells, delay the circulation of lymph. As a result, the fat is blocked and can not be split.

Researches of scientists have shown, that the superfluous liquid and toxins gradually destroy a cage, deprive of its high-grade functions.

Stages of cellulite:

1. The first stage of cellulitis manifests itself in the form of edema. A woman may not even notice tubercles, only will feel a slight increase in body volume. It is very important not to confuse the onset of the disease with the usual weight gain. After all, only at the initial stage, the fight against cellulite has the maximum effect.

To adjust the metabolism in the body, you need to get rid of toxins and toxins. Go in for sports, watch the quality of food, get stuck in the sauna with a broom.

cellulite stage photo 2. The second stage of cellulitis causes a more serious swelling of the tissues. Due to the fact that the venous system can not remove all excess fluid from the body, the fat deposits become denser and become noticeable. The problem areas increase in size, become more dense to the touch.

In your situation, you can not waste time and start a disease. Increase physical activity, abandon salty, fatty and sweet. Be sure to massage the problem areas using anti-cellulite scrubs and creams.

cellulite stage photo 3. The third stage of cellulite is micromodular. The lymph fluid presses on the arteries, which leads to a deterioration in the supply of oxygen to the tissues. If you squeeze your skin with your fingers, a noticeable "orange peel" will appear.

If you decide to lose those extra pounds in the third stage of cellulite, the problem areas will not react to your efforts and the fat will still remain blocked. Some "neglected" areas of the skin to the touch will be slightly colder than the rest.

Suitable salon procedures for the third stage of cellulite are electrolysolysis, cellulolyolysis.

At home, it is worth trying to "break" the cellulite with the help of honey massage.

the stage of cellulite 4. Not the fourth stage, cellulite can be seen very clearly. The problem areas of the skin are colder to the touch and have a cyanotic shade. If the nerve endings are affected, cellulite when pressed on the skin or when pinching will cause pain. Fighting cellulite at home at the fourth stage is almost useless. In this situation, only an operation to remove fat (liposuction) can help.

Remember that cellulite is a very insidious disease, so it is necessary to fight with it in a complex. Find in yourself the will power to observe the right diet, for fitness, regularly conduct an anti-cellulite massage, apply warming masks. After all, in a neglected stage, cellulite can be cured only by surgical intervention ...

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