Pepper from cellulite

Red pepper against cellulite

As you know, cellulite spares no one. He often spoils the figure both full and thin, both young ladies and women at a more respectable age. Hence, and the fight against him must be cruel, ruthless. For example, with the help of hot pepper ...

Red pepper against cellulite - a powerful tool, cheap and angry, which can relieve this ailment of all wishing to endure sacrifices in the name of real beauty.

Pepper against cellulite is often used as part of wraps , masks, and also during an anti-cellulite massage . It burns excess fat, destroys cellulite, warms tissue, improves blood circulation. After a few procedures, you will notice that the thighs become slimmer.

Anti-cellulite wraps with red pepper

As a pepper wrap, various components can be used. Pepper is effectively mixed with olive oil, with sea salt, coffee, cosmetic mud or clay . Procedures should be repeated 1-2 times a week until the tubercles completely disappear. Here is an example of the most popular home wraps with pepper.

Mask-wrap with pepper and cinnamon. Mix two tablespoons of red ground pepper and cinnamon. Add 4-5 tablespoons of vegetable oil to the mixture. Embellish the "explosive mixture" a few drops of aromatic oil, preferably from citrus . Preheat the skin under a warm shower, then apply the mixture to problem areas and leave for 15-30 minutes, if you can of course hold so much. Some intensify the burning effect of pepper, wrap themselves with a plastic wrap, but this option is suitable only for the most "thick-skinned".

Wrapping with pepper and coffee. Mix 2 tablespoons ground coffee, 1 tablespoon red pepper, 1-2 tablespoons honey. Apply the mixture on the heated body and leave for 30 minutes. Rinse off under a warm shower and apply a soothing cream.

Pepper tincture against cellulite

Pepper against cellulite is very convenient to use as a tincture. Pepper tincture can rub the problem areas after each shower, as well as add it to massage oil, in the composition of anti-cellulite creams, masks, wraps.

How to make a tincture: pour red pepper in a proportion of 1:10 with alcohol. Insist in a dark place for a week. If you have dry, sensitive skin, you can replace alcohol with any vegetable oil, so the tincture will turn out softer.

Tincture of red pepper will not only save you from cellulite, but also help to become slimmer.

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