Parafango wraps at home

Parafango at home Paraffin has been used in beauticians since ancient times. It forms a protective film on the skin, prevents penetration of air, saturates the skin with vitamins, as a result the skin during the procedure warms up, smoothes, excess fat dissolves. Anti-cellulite wraps with paraffin - a powerful tool for tightening the skin and removing excess fat.

Paraffinotherapy against cellulite

Today in real beauty salons paraffin therapy is very popular. As therapeutic procedures against cellulite, Parafango is often offered - anti - cellulite wraps with paraffin. The parafango procedure is to apply a mixture of seaweed and paraffin to the skin. Parafango very effectively and quickly eliminates cellulite tubercles. The mixture of parafango includes sea mud, algae, plankton, a natural vitamin complex of 30 salts and minerals. Parafango replaces a whole complex of anti-cellulite procedures: burns fatty deposits, which helps to lose weight and smooth cellulite tubercles, saturates the skin with vitamins, so that the skin becomes smooth and supple.

In the salon conditions, before the parafango procedure, the problem areas are cleaned with a scrub so that the nutrients penetrate the skin better. If the cellulite tubercles are solid, in neglected form, anti-cellulite serum is applied to the skin, which increases the blood flow to the skin and promotes the excretion of water and fat from the tissues. Then a warm mask of "parafango" is applied to the cleansed skin, wrapped around the body with a film and insulated with a thermo blanket. Heat increases the effect of the active components of the "parafango" composition, as a result, the flow of blood improves, the walls of the vessels strengthen.

Wrapping "parafango" eliminates not only problems with cellulite, but also provides prevention of varicose veins, strengthens blood vessels, has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole.

Parafango wraps have a pleasant distinctive feature from similar salon procedures. Thanks to the presence of paraffin, the mixture freezes on the skin and turns into a film that can be easily removed after the procedure without a shower. Paraffin saturates the skin with vitamins and deeply moisturizes, leaving the skin permanently elastic and supple.

Parafango at home

The "parafango" procedure can be made at home if desired. The results of home procedures are in no way inferior to salon ones, and you will very much feel the savings. So, to make wraps at home, you need to buy a ready-made mixture of "Parafango" in a pharmacy or a cosmetics store. You can order a mixture in the real beauty salon. Carefully read the instructions for use, prepare the mixture. Purify the skin with a scrub, apply parafango on the skin and wrap it in a film. Instead of a thermal blanket, you can warm yourself with any woolen blanket. To achieve significant results, treatment should be at least 10-15 procedures.

If you have not found a ready-made "parafango" mixture for sale, you can prepare it yourself from therapeutic sea mud and cosmetic paraffin. Melt the paraffin according to the instructions and mix with medicinal mud.

To carry out "parafango" at home, you will need:

  • A ready-made mixture of parafango (or a mixture of sea mud with paraffin prepared independently);
  • anti-cellulite body scrub (instead of scrub, you can mix sea ​​salt with vegetable oil);
  • anti-cellulite serum (cream, oil, etc.);
  • cellophane and a warm blanket.

    As a final chord for the successful completion of the "parafango" procedure, it is recommended to massage the entire body with the preliminary application of anti-cellulite cream to the skin.

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