Honey wrap at home

Honey wraps have a warming, stimulating effect on the skin, so they are effectively used to treat cellulite, excess fat deposits, stretch marks, to correct the figure.

The composition of honey includes many vitamins and minerals, biologically active substances that penetrate deep layers of the skin, nourish, cleanse, moisturize, promote the renewal of cells.

How to make a honey wrap at home?

First, the skin should be thoroughly washed, massaged with a scrub. Thus, the skin will be cleansed, the pores will open and the effect of the wrap will become more significant.

For home wraps, you need 2 tablespoons of fresh natural honey. It is recommended to add a few drops of essential oils of citrus, lavender or rosemary. Honey can also be mixed with kelp, dry milk.

1. Apply honey evenly on clean skin and start doing a warming massage: at first light and gentle, then more intense. Hands can be "glued" to the body and sharply torn.

2. When a white mass appears on the surface of the palms, the massage can be stopped, which means that the honey has penetrated into the pores of the skin and cleared them.

3. Now the heated parts of the body should be wrapped with a film, then cover with a blanket and lie down for 30-60 minutes.

After the procedure, take a warm shower and moisturize the skin with a nourishing cream or lotion.

With regular application of honey wraps (1-2 times a week) you will notice that the fat deposits decrease, cellulite tubercles dissolve, and the skin becomes smooth and supple.

Honey wraps: add healthy ingredients

The composition for wrapping may include, in addition to honey, additional ingredients. You need to use a soft, liquid, necessarily not candied, honey. Buy it better directly on the apiary, or from a verified seller, tk. there is a high probability of buying a poor-quality product.

In addition to honey, the wrapping composition can contain mustard, milk, various oils, freshly squeezed juices, alcohol and even vinegar. Adding one or another ingredient changes the wrapping effect.

Heated body wraps with honey

To ensure that the honey wrap works in two directions at the same time - enhancing skin tone and fat splitting, it is necessary to add ingredients to the mask that enhance blood circulation. This is ground coffee, ginger powder, cinnamon, tincture of red pepper, mustard. They have a burning effect and help to break down the fat faster.

Wraps with honey and essential oils

For example, with the addition of oils, the skin will become noticeably more elastic and moisturized. Essential oils of citrus (lemon, orange, mandarin, grapefruit, lime) have a powerful effect against cellulite. And squeezed out of orange juice will enrich the skin with vitamin C, which is one of the powerful antioxidants. As a result of wrapping, the body is cleansed of toxins and toxins, the skin and its color improves, the immune system is strengthened and the mood rises.

Honey wraps: contraindications

However, it should be remembered that honey for some of the fair sex can have a harmful effect, because is a strong allergen. It is also undesirable to use this procedure for those who suffer from varicose veins, have diabetes or have heart problems.

Can I lose weight using wraps? This is not quite true. It is worth noting that the discharge of excess kilograms does not occur at the expense of energy and calories, but only outflow of excess water from body tissues. Water in a couple of hours after the completion of this spa procedure will be completed, and the weight will remain the same.

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