Anticellulite massage

The most popular method of treating cellulite is massage. Massage from cellulite is best done by a professional masseur, so you will achieve maximum effect in a shorter period. However, if you do not trust your body with anyone other than yourself, or are temporarily limited in means, you can conduct a massage course against cellulite at home.

Massage at home is desirable to do in the morning, after gymnastics . This is a fairly simple procedure, and each time your hands will perform movements more technically and efficiently.

How to do massage from cellulite?

1. First you need to prepare the skin. Apply massage oil or anti-cellulite cream on the area of ​​problem areas, then lightly touch the palms of the hands to warm up the body.

2. Now go on to more intense massage movements, preferably clockwise, from the bottom up. The optimal duration of the massage is from 15 to 30 minutes. Repeat the direction of the lymph flow (outer surface of the hips - from top to bottom, inner - from the bottom up).

3. For a deeper effect on the skin and muscles, use a special massage mitt or a massage brush.

Anti-cellulite massage with vacuum cans

Vacuum massage jars are very effective against cellulite. They warm up the skin and draw down toxins from the body. As a result, the skin quickly smoothes out, stagnant phenomena leave.

Water massage

Very popular recently is water massage from cellulite (or Charcot's douche), which affects the tissues with the help of water pressure. Experts believe that water massage is the most gentle method of affecting the skin, which allows you to maximally deeply work the tissues and muscles without leaving bruises and stretch marks.

Massage with the help of gloves

Special gloves designed for massage will greatly facilitate your work and enhance the heating effect. The mitten is a soft scrub, exfoliates dead cells and promotes deep penetration of nutrients into the skin.

Massage with a roller

If you persistently decided to defeat cellulite, you should buy a special roller for massage. It will strengthen the lymph flow and blood flow, help to remove toxins faster, increase the elasticity of the skin.

Anti-cellulite massage works with your body in several directions at once. It increases blood flow to problem areas, as a result slags and fats are split and removed from the body, oxygen supply to tissues improves, stagnant phenomena accelerate, body volumes decrease. The skin is smoothed, it becomes elastic.

Anti-cellulite massage tools

A very important component of anti-cellulite massage, which is worth focusing on is massage oil or cream. Also, a strong anti-cellulite effect has essential oils of citrus , rosemary, coffee grounds, sea salt, tincture of red pepper or ground ginger. Just add one of these ingredients to your massage cream.

Honey massage from the "orange peel"

You can achieve amazing results, using as a massage a natural honey. It contains a rich complex of trace elements to improve the skin condition. Honey heats up problem areas and draws toxins and toxins through the pores of the skin.

It is important to know that during the massage your body gets rid of toxins and toxins, so it is advisable to help him to remove all the harmful from the body as soon as possible. Drink after the procedure a cup of green or herbal tea, and also observe an anti-cellulite diet .

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