Therapeutic baths from cellulite

No matter how violently the pharmacists and cosmetologists advertised their miracle creams, many girls and ladies suffering from the "orange crust" have long known that these funds very rarely help. However, you do not need to despair - if you regularly make healing baths from cellulite, you will kill all the hares at once: skin will heal, and relax after a day's work, and calm down the soul.

Experienced users advise: to quickly see the result, before you immerse your body in the therapeutic "abyss", rub it with a massage glove or a dry brush, and then take a shower. For hours you do not have to "soak" in the tub - half an hour will be enough, and the water temperature should be almost identical to body temperature - from 37 to 38 degrees. After you promaknete skin, treat it with anti-cellulite cream.

Course: 15 procedures, every other day.

The best recipes for cellulite baths

Salt bath from cellulite

Sea salt has a tonic effect, accelerates blood circulation, and also contains a rich complex of elements that improve the condition of our skin. In a full bath of water, dissolve about 0.5 kg of salt. Such a bath will provide the skin with nutrition, acceleration of metabolism, fat burning.

Soda bath from cellulite

This kitchen remedy improves the metabolism in our body, cleans and softens the skin, and also "crushes" the fat cells.

Important! To this composition your body needs to be trained, beginning with 36-degree water and a weak solution. Your goal: 39 degrees, 300 grams of soda, 500 grams of salt. Time of "otkisaniya" - up to 25 minutes.

Soda + ginger

One of the most active means. Soda in combination with hot water stimulates the lymphatic system, relaxing the body as a whole, and ginger warms the skin, strengthening the "flow" of the blood cells of the fat cells, so they dissolve faster.

3 tablespoons dried ginger pour 1 liter of water, allow to boil and turn off the stove. When the broth cools down, it is filtered and poured into a bath with 200 g of soda.

Warming bath with cinnamon

This burning procedure smoothes the skin, making it very young ... But only if the baths are at least 10, and even better - 15.

1 bag of ground spice pour into the bathing water, but not very hot - up to 38 degrees.

Variant of bath №2: with cinnamon essential oil. Drip up to 5 drops of oil in a spoonful of cream, dilute it in a bath - that's a healing font and ready! As a base, you can also use vegetable oil.

Bath with oils from cellulite

They not only tone the body, but also create the effect of an expensive spa. On a full bath you need about 10 g of your chosen ether. Sometimes it drips simply into a stream of water running from the tap. But cosmetologists advise: that the bath turned out more sparing to the skin, the ether should be mixed with a couple of spoons of sour cream or cream.

Which oil to choose? If you get tired at work, try melissa, mint, lavender, and also calendula. If on the contrary, want to cheer up - choose pine esters (cedar, juniper), as well as citrus (lemon, orange, mandarin, bergamot, and of course, grapefruit).

Healing baths with clay

Strangely enough, this ingredient penetrates deep enough into the skin, removing harmful toxins from there.

You will like blue, red, and white clay. On the procedure it is necessary to take up to 500 g and dissolve in warm water. Take a bath for 15-20 minutes, then rinse under the shower without soap and other cosmetics. Do not wipe yourself, wrap in a terry towel. Then put on the body cosmetic milk or any anti-cellulite cream. After the bath well 20 minutes lie down.

Black or green tea

The bath needs from 1 to 4 glasses, but not the tea drink that we drink in the kitchen, but strong brewing. Important: lying in the water can not last long, a maximum of 10 minutes, since a black drink can turn you into a mulatto.

Herbal baths with herbs

On a full bath is from 2 to 3 glasses of strong infusion (brew you need about 50-75 grams of dried herbs). Herbs not only smell pleasantly, but also saturate the skin with vitamins A and E.

Which plants to choose? You will need rosemary, nettle, sage, thyme, as well as leaves and buds of birch.

Chocolate bath with cocoa

Mix 100 g of cocoa, 100 g of milk powder, 1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon. Pour in 250 ml of water, warm the mixture in a water bath. In the end, it needs to be enriched with 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil - and you can carry an appetizing smelling "elixir" in the bathroom.

Aromatic Oil and Milk

Option before an important appointment - after this procedure the skin becomes silky.

In 1 cup of milk, dilute a couple drops of rose hips, roses or blackberries. Pour it into warm water. After bathing, take a shower at room temperature.

Anti-cellulite bath with honey

This sweetness is very rich in B vitamins, which inhibit the process of cellulite, not allowing it to move into a more "neglected" stage. Due to this property honey enters into many recipes of home cosmetics - it is in wraps, masks, healing massages.

For one procedure you need 1 glass of gift bees. Important: after the bath do not wipe the skin, allowing it to dry, as is. This trick will help your skin to be smoothed out.

Cleopatra's bath: honey with milk

Mix 1 cup of honey with 1.5 liters of milk and 2-3 tablespoons of almond oil. The procedure actively nourishes and softens the skin.

Oat flakes, bran.

This option is suitable for women with flaccid skin - "oatmeal" makes it more elastic, giving cells oxygen and normalizing the blood flow in them.

The recipe for a bath is: 1 soap (grate), 300 grams of bran (oat flakes), rye flour (250 ml). You can also pour cream - 0.5 cup.

Important points

Do not take the bath to the brim and do not dive almost with your head. Water should not cover the chest (or rather, the heart area).

Do not eat 1.5, or even better 2 hours before and after the procedure.

Precautions and contraindications

As soon as you feel unwell (dizzy, dyspnea, you are weakened, you become a "thresher" heart), get out of the water. Bring yourself in order will help a fresh shower.

Such baths are categorically contraindicated to pregnant women, parturient women, whose body has not yet recovered from the appearance of the baby to the light, as well as people with certain diseases. Namely: skin diseases (including allergy to bath ingredients), cardiovascular problems, varicose veins, renal insufficiency.

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