Diet from cellulite

Nutrition for cellulite

In order to completely get rid of cellulite, you must first pay attention to their food. Even if you regularly do anti-cellulite wraps , massage, do fitness , when you use "wrong" products, cellulite will reappear.

Cellulite - it's slags, fats and toxins, which are unattractively deposited on our body. With the help of rational nutrition, you can cleanse the body and defeat cellulite forever.

A diet from cellulite is not a hunger strike, not a meal on schedule. If you torture yourself with cruel selection of food for fast weight loss, you will lose weight, and cellulite will become even more noticeable.

Avoid losing weight in a short time: your body will restore its former weight very quickly, and the connective tissue will then stretch, then sag.

In your diet should be all balanced. The body should not be deficient in important microelements, vitamins, protein - it is a building material for the development of healthy, elastic skin cells. Therefore, to limit oneself in useful products is unreasonable.

Do not give in to the advice of your girlfriends to try a new-mannered herbal tea for weight loss or a tablet for ingestion. Their main principle of action is a diuretic or laxative. With prolonged use it can harm your health.

Products from cellulite

1. Dry red wine improves blood circulation, removes toxins from the body. But do not abuse, not more than 100 ml. in a day.

2. Eat foods rich in potassium. Potassium removes excess water from the tissues, resulting in the skin becomes more elastic and elastic. This bread, legumes, dried fruits, vegetables, bananas, oranges, milk, vegetables.

3. Most of your diet should consist of vegetables and fruits. This will improve metabolism, facilitate the breakdown of fats, and remove the toxins from the body. It is good to eat at night 1 orange or apple, your body will be cleared at night.

Eat fruit on an empty stomach. Thus, you will dull the feeling of hunger and give the intestines the necessary fiber for normal work.

4. Vitamin E renews the skin, makes it supple, improves blood circulation. Vitamin is found in the following foods: eggs, vegetable oil - olive, linseed.

5. Sea kale and seafood contain antioxidants and minerals that increase the elasticity of the skin, promote the removal of toxins.

6. Freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices will help to break up fatty deposits. Drink a glass of juice a day on an empty stomach or between meals.

7. Drink more fluids. It can be plain water or green tea without sugar. Water effectively cleanses our body. It is very useful to drink a glass of water on an empty stomach.

8. Oatmeal porridge is rich in cellulose and microelements. It improves digestion, metabolism, cleanses the body and strengthens the skin. Use oatmeal for breakfast or dinner, with fruits, nuts, honey, raisins, etc.

9. Use daily fresh aloe juice - 15 drops each. Aloe will cleanse your body of toxins and toxins, improve the functioning of the intestines.

10. Do not eat after 18.00. All food, eaten in the evening, will be deposited in you in the form of extra pounds and cellulite. To satisfy the feeling of hunger, drink water or green tea, you can eat a few spoons of cereal or muesli, or 1 fruit to choose from.

Products that cause cellulite

1. Smoking and alcohol speeds up the aging process of the skin, destroys vitamin C, promotes the development of cellulite. The list of banned products includes beer, champagne, as well as various alcoholic cocktails.

2. Sharp and salty foods detain excess water in the body. As a result - swelling on the face and body, the growth of cellulite cells. So, we free the refrigerator from unnecessary, that is, from what products cellulite: pickles, marinades, canned goods, smoked meat and fish, herring, chips, etc ...

3. Limit the use of sweet and fatty foods, this promotes the growth of fat cells. And of course, do not overeat!

4. Try to avoid the use of instant coffee and black tea. These drinks can cause stagnant fluid in the tissues. Natural ground coffee is recommended to drink in limited quantities, no more than 1 cup a day in the morning.

Summarize. Anticellulite diet is a competent, balanced food intake, which is rich in fresh vegetables and fruits, vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

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