Chocolate wrapping at home. Shokofango against cellulite

Practically everyone likes to get a taste of chocolate. Useful properties of chocolate, we know from childhood: lifts the mood, gives energy and strength, improves well-being. And only in the 21st century, cosmetologists drew attention to the fact that chocolate can give the skin real beauty, health, youth. Thanks to the content of a large amount of caffeine in chocolate, it perfectly fights against cellulite, saturates the skin with vitamins, makes it supple and elastic.

Chocolate wrap at home

Chocolate wrapping is not difficult to do at home. To make a chocolate mask, take 200g. cocoa powder and dilute it in two glasses of hot water. Spread the mixture with the problem areas of the body. Turn around with cellophane and warm yourself with a wool blanket. Now rest for 20 minutes. Massage the face with warm water.

To completely get rid of cellulite, you need to take a course of 15-20 chocolate wraps. As a result, the skin will become smooth, tightened, cellulite will disappear. Wraps with chocolate are recommended 1-2 times a week.

To some people, chocolate wraps are contraindicated. Therefore, before you first do chocolate wrapping, it is advisable to consult a doctor. If you are allergic to cocoa, high blood pressure, diseases of the cardiovascular system, tumors, kidney disease, liver - choose yourself anti-cellulite masks in accordance with the individual characteristics of the body.

Shokofango - a mannerable trend in the treatment of cellulite

In real beauty salons today offer a fantastically pleasant procedure for the prevention and treatment of cellulite - chocolate.

The procedure "Shokofango" has a unique cosmetic effect. The main active ingredient here is cocoa, which contains a large amount of caffeine, mineral and organic substances. The paraffin, which is part of the mask, forms a thin film on the skin, due to which the skin warms up better, the anti-cellulite effect increases, at the end of the procedure, the dried chocolate film is easily removed from the skin.

Under the layer of bitter chocolate, your skin starts to rejuvenate, to be saturated with nutrients. Due to the active effects of caffeine, toxins are eliminated, the skin is toned and smoothed. In addition, you feel a powerful anti-stress effect, breathe in the pleasant aromas of chocolate, sweet almonds, vanilla.

The salon procedure of Shokofango includes:

1) Cleaning the surface of the skin with a scrub to improve blood circulation and absorbing nutrients;
2) Massage of problem areas of the body with application of active anti-cellulite serum;
3) Wrapping Shokofango (which does not need to be washed off in the shower, it is removed with a thin film)
4) Applying anti-cellulite cream to the skin to enhance the wrapping effect

Who can recommend the procedure Shokofango:

If you have flabby, stretched skin, local fatty deposits and cellulite, dry skin, chronic fatigue, depression. Chocolate wraps effectively eliminate cellulite, rejuvenate the skin, give silkiness.

During the Shokofango procedure, the body produces "happiness hormones" - endorphins, as a result you get rid of fatigue and stress, feel a surge of energy, improve your mood.

"Healing chocolate" will give a lot of pleasant sensations to any woman. This is an opportunity to literally make your life "in chocolate."

It should be remembered that the shokofango procedure has some contraindications:

- pregnancy, exacerbation of chronic diseases, gynecological diseases, varicose veins, allergic reactions to cocoa products

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