Fighting cellulite at home

Coffee wraps for weight loss and cellulite

The properties of coffee beans in beauticians have been known for a long time. Due to the rich content of caffeine, which stimulates the dissolution of fats, increases blood circulation, improves metabolism. Wraps of coffee for several sessions will give the skin tone, elasticity, smooth out the "orange peel" and stretch marks, reduce the volume.

How to remove stretch marks on the body

Stretch marks on the body are common enough. Even adolescent girls may face this problem. Ugly white stains (they are also called striae) can appear on the skin after rapid weight loss, as well as after childbirth, when the hormonal background changes.

Apple vinegar from cellulite. Vinegar wraps for weight loss

With the help of apple cider vinegar beauties reduced the size of the figure back in ancient times. Apple cider vinegar promotes rapid cleavage of fats, which will help you smooth out cellulite and remove excess fat. Effective and safe!

Mummy from stretch marks

With the help of a natural biostimulator - a mummy - many women have long learned to smooth stretch marks and cellulite. The natural properties of the mummy stimulate skin renewal, make it more elastic and elastic, have a healing and rejuvenating effect.

Essential oils from stretch marks

Essential oils of many plants are used in beauticians. Essential oils of citrus fruits are especially popular in beauticians for body treatments. The oil has a powerful stimulating effect on the skin, nourishes, tones, rejuvenates, cleaves fats and removes toxins.

Stretch marks on the abdomen: how to prevent

With stretch marks on the abdomen, almost all women face pregnancy after pregnancy, as well as after debilitating selection of food. The cause of stretch marks is the loss of skin elasticity, resulting in tissue rupture. Can this be prevented?

Ginger against cellulite. Homemade masks with ginger

Ginger - popular spice from the East is known not only for its taste qualities. Ginger powder is an active natural biostimulator, which has a warming effect on the skin, contributes to the removal of excess fluid and fats in the problem areas.

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