Products for weight loss

products for weight loss

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Just had dinner and again want to eat? Are you drawn to the drawer of the table behind the chocolate? Do you chew cookies when you leave the gym? Congratulations, you are "always kusochnichayuschy." You will definitely need our recipes for a snack for those who lose weight.

Frozen peas

Do not think that frozen vegetables completely lose their useful properties and become tasteless. Take, for example, peas - this is a perishable product. It wilts, and the sugar in its composition turns into starch, so it should be stored in the refrigerator for no more than three days. And the excess is better to freeze. Frozen peas - usually sweet, it melts nicely in the mouth. Half a cup of peas contains 55 calories. By the way, Victoria La Beckham and Jeri Halliwell had a bite at the time.

Diet Kozinaki

Kozinaki are made from nuts, which initially means a huge amount of calories. However, sweet tooth will be useful to know that there are dietary kozinaki (with fructose instead of sugar), and even such kozinaki, which only half consist of nuts (the other half is usually oat flakes). Dietary kozinaki are very tasty and are, in fact, chewing sweets, however they contain no more than 150-200 calories, that is 3-4 times less than usual kozinaki.

Apple salad

Cornell University, one of the largest and most famous universities in the US, after some research, came to the conclusion that three apples are enough for a daily "snack". However, even the most delicious apples can get bored, so listen to a nice vegetarian recipe. Cut the apple into pieces, mix with chopped walnuts and add to the resulting mixture a teaspoon of maple syrup. Nutritional value of cooked yummy is 100 calories.

Low fat yogurt

Yogurts with a fat content of less than 1 percent are not so easy to find in the store. However, they are worth it: one jar of yogurt (which can stifle a storm for a couple of hours in your stomach) is only 80 calories. Of course, low-fat yogurt looks a bit boring, so you can add to it pieces of dried fruits. Recently, at the metropolitan counters began to appear Greek yogurt (an analog of sour cream, does not contain sugar). At first glance, you can take it for diet, but look at the packaging: the fat content of Greek yogurt usually rolls over for 9 percent.

Fruit icecream

Unfold the packaging and find inside a huge "bar" of frozen juice. Ice, tingling tongue, sourish-sweet fruit ice cream you will eat much longer than a regular popsicle. But "save" calories: in their juice - 80-100, and in the eskimo - 300-400. Fruit and berry ice cream and fruit ice - the champion in low calorie, there is no fat at all, but there is no protein. A pleasant addition to delicacy - minerals, salts, B vitamins, vitamins A, D, E, P, which contributes to weight loss.

Liquorice candies

If you think that in a pastry shop you are buying real liquorice, carefully read the label. In fact, all sweets mostly consist of sugar and molasses. A real liquorice resembles a thin brown cigarette and is not too sweet to taste. The benefits of licorice are enormous: it absorbs gastric juice, normalizes the acid-base balance, has a beneficial effect on the stomach and liver. A handful of licorice sweets can be a good snack, although its nutritional value is not more than 150 calories.

Chewing gum

Before you get ready to eat - even one of the above list - ask yourself if you really want to eat. If you are not sure with the answer, it is better to put a plate of chewing gum in your mouth. American physician James Levine measured the energy that a person burns during the chewing process. Just by moving the jaw up and down, we spend 11 calories per hour. This figure, of course, seems ridiculous, but add to it the amount of calories that did not come to us with unwanted "snacks". In addition, Levine calculated that a year (with daily chewing), you can lose half a kilogram of weight!

Source: www.wday.ru/food

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