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How to stimulate hair growth

In order to accelerate the growth of hair and improve their condition, many women use masks for home hair. However, home masks often have a persistent unpleasant smell, a greasy, poorly washable consistency, so they are not suitable for regular use by a modern woman. From this problem, we decided to rid ourselves of some cosmetic lines by developing special serums to activate hair growth, which effectively contribute to their growth and increase the density. The basis of industrial activators include plant components and vitamins , as well as innovative ingredients used in modern beauticians.

We bring to your attention an overview of the most popular hair growth activators.

1. SCHWARZKOPF Professional . Serum for hair growth «Bonacure. Specialized care for problem hair and scalp. "

The product is designed for special care for rare and prematurely dropping hair. The serum contains Carnitine tartrate, which is the carrier of the activity and energy of the muscles of the hair roots.

For the first time the composition with a new innovative ingredient against hair loss has a low molecular weight composition encapsulated in liposomes, which penetrates deeper into the scalp and the hair follicle.

Bonacure activates hair growth, stimulates the rate of hair growth, increases the density of hair, reduces premature fallout.

Increases the density of hair to 19% and stimulates hair growth by 22% when applied within 24 weeks. (according to the results of clinical studies)

2. STVOLAMIN serum for hair growth, ampoules, 5 ml №10

Producer - Russia, "Healthy Biotechnology"

The composition of the serum: water, stem cell extract in vitro 18%, hyaluronic acid, collagen hydrolyzate, vitanol, vegetable protein complex (Vegetal Tensor), wheat germ DNA, extracts: aralia, birch buds, hop cones, green tea polyphenols, glycerin, D -pentenol, carbopol, sodium hydroxide, kemaben, perfume.

Stvolamine is an innovative highly effective remedy for hair restoration. Stem cell extract, penetrating through cell membranes, affects the mechanisms of cellular memory, activates metabolic processes in the epidermis. Qualitatively structured hair, increases the duration of his life, stimulates the production of melanin, slows depigmentation.

Natural biostimulants improve the nutrition of hair follicles and promote the awakening of "sleeping" follicles, activate protein synthesis, promote the regulation of metabolic processes in the scalp, normalizing the functions of the sebaceous and sweat glands. The drug is effective in diffuse hair thinning.

Regular use of whey Stvolamin is guaranteed to increase the density of hair, activates their growth, restores the integrity of damaged hair, their healthy shine and firmness.

3. Hair growth activator Dnc. Contains oils - burdock, castor and vitamins. Revitalizes and nourishes the roots of hair, stops hair loss, restores the structure of hair, significantly accelerates growth.

4. Tonic-activator for improving hair growth, indelible (Viteks)

Tonic is designed for intensive care of weak, prone to hair loss. It is based on special cashmere proteins and a patented complex of seven herbs. Promotes the strengthening and growth of hair, gives strength and health to hair.

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